There is a chance you stumbled upon this page through cycling links. My riding days now seem to have become the old days, but this section is a small gesture toward an archive of that part of my life and a great thanks to those who were key in it.

I had the opportunity to race my road bicycle for collegiate and elite road teams in the US and Germany from 2004-2010. My personal highlight was becoming the Illinois Pro/Cat 1 Road Race Champion in 2009. I also felt very privileged to do plenty of professional NRC racing with teams from 2007 to 2010.

Specifically, I must thank Mike Busch, Aaron Mongeau, Brian Koeneman, and A-1 Bike who got me started in Minnesota; everyone at Northwestern University who pushed me along, especially Chris Clary, Reed Tanger, and Will Nowak; Greg and Geoff LeMond who always helped with training and tactics; Niko Keinath, Teams Aguti and Ista, and all at RV Pfeil in Tuebingen, Germany; Jonathan Dugas who coached me in my later years; and an enormous thank-you to the entire Chicago cycling scene, who was always supportive and great to see on the road. Tailwinds to all of you!